Wuhan Cloud is officially launched, Huawei will continue to grow its local service team

According to the latest information, the Wuhan cloud activation event was successfully held at the Wuhan Cloud Operation Management Center. Wuhan Cloud is jointly constructed by Huawei and the Wuhan Municipal Government.

The Wuhan cloud construction project is currently progressing smoothly and has absorbed 16 cloud companies and more than 120 application systems. In addition, the Wuhan Digital Economy Industry Innovation Consortium and the Wuhan Digital Economy Headquarters Area established by Wuhan Cloud also attracted more than 50 and 15 companies to join.

Wuhan Cloud

Huawei also stated that it will resolutely invest in, stabilize and strengthen the local service operation team to provide Wuhan Cloud with cloud infrastructure planning, cloud platform construction, solution implementation, migration to the cloud, ecological cooperation, brand marketing, and continuous operation and maintenance.

Lu Yong, President of Huawei China, said: “As the country’s first city cloud, Wuhan Cloud fully carries the concept of “One City, One Cloud”, and is based on the framework of “Cloud-Network Integration, Cloud-Data Linkage”, and focuses on government and government services. And corporate services as one.”

On November 21, 2020, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and Wuhan Industrial Investment Development Group signed a contract with Huawei to jointly start the construction of Wuhan Cloud.



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