Xu Zhijun: Huawei will always keep HiSilicon team as the chip design department

At the Huawei Global Analyst Conference, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun stated that the HiSilicon is a chip design department at Huawei, not a profitable company, and has no appeal for profit. Now is to raise this team, continue to move forward, as long as we can afford it. This team can continue to research, develop, and prepare for the future.

In 2020, in response to US sanctions, Huawei adopted a large-scale reserve plan, which led to a reduction in cash flow. Of course, this is also what Huawei expects. Regarding how much Huawei reserves inventory, Xu Zhijun said that it can still satisfy 2B customers, but it cannot be satisfied forever. Therefore, Huawei will be more focused, focusing on key customers, in order to make Huawei live longer.

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Xu Zhijun said that Huawei is a large semiconductor company, and China is a huge chip market. There may be many companies in China that are worried that they will be like Huawei in the future. With such a large demand, I believe that some companies will invest and find ways to meet the needs of Huawei and other domestic companies in the chip field. I believe this day will come.

Xu Zhijun gave a speech stating that the US restrictions on Huawei have disrupted the trust system of the global semiconductor industry chain, caused panic stocking by global companies, and ultimately led to global semiconductor supply shortages and shortages, which will trigger a new global.

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