Zhao Ming: Honor will work with Huawei to provide hardware and software maintenance

At the Qualcomm Technology and Cooperation Summit 2021 yesterday. Honor CEO Zhao Ming said that the cooperation between the two parties is actually less than five months, but the development progress has surpassed that of friends, and Honor still starts from the underlying principles and algorithms.

He said that many unique functions and designs based on Kirin chips will be transplanted to Qualcomm chips. For example, GPU TurboX is a cross-platform GPU Turbo solution. Through the access of these functions, all the chips can be better utilized. Ability, Qualcomm is also very happy about this.

Zhao Ming said that the Honor Magic series will be defined as a product that pays tribute to the ultimate technology and is the top series. In the next Magic 3, the industry’s most advanced chip (Snapdragon 888), the latest communication technology, the strongest camera, and the iconic new design will be used.

In addition, regarding the previously rumored removal of the V series, Zhao Ming said that the issue of whether to retain is still being discussed internally.

In terms of services, he also said that Honor will work with Huawei to care for and upgrade old users, including product patch upgrades, software maintenance, and hardware maintenance. This means that system upgrades and iterations of Honor’s previous models will still proceed normally.

Finally, when he was asked about the market share goal of Honor’s mobile phone this year, Zhao Ming only said, “Today’s Honor will no longer set limits for itself.” According to reports, Honor had the highest market share of nearly 17% last month.



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