5 useful tips for Huawei Petal Search

Huawei’s Petal Search Application is the fastest way to find, install and update all the necessary apps. Since the app was launched it got improved a lot with the latest capabilities and features, thanks to Huawei’s core development team. Using the latest AI algorithms we can check various tools and find everything we need, including news, weather, images, music, video and other content and services in which we are interested. Now, let’s check the useful tips for using Huawei Petal Search.

1. Install the latest version of the app

Huawei Petal Search comes pre-installed on new Huawei models, and the latest stable version can be downloaded from AppGallery. For experiencing the latest feature all you need is to download the latest version from here.

Petal Search offers:
– App recommendations and searches
– Daily weather forecasts and top news
– Live sports scores and schedules
– Video, image, and music searches
– Financial news and stock market updates
– Security protection

Huawei Petal Search

2. Choose right language and region

The options available in the Petal Search app are localized, so if you want to view options that are not currently available in your region, you can change the language and region settings. When you selected English and the United Kingdom as the region in Phone Settings and then did the same in the Petal Search settings in the Me tab, the voice search entry option, additional search categories, and other additional features appeared.

Huawei Petal Search language

3. Set the Petal Search widget to the home screen

  • Pinch the home screen inwards with two fingers.
  • Tap Widgets
  • Swipe left to scroll through the available widgets. You can find Petal Search.
  • Tap and hold on the widget you wish to use (Petal Search bar).
  • Position it on the home screen and then lift your finger to place it.
  •  Tap the Home Key.

4. Manage shortcut icons

To make your search as simple, fast, and efficient as possible, you can customize shortcut icons for different search categories in the For You and Nearby tabs. In the For you tab just below the search bar, there is a selection of shortcut icons including Shopping, Travel, News, Weather, and more.

There are 8 shortcut icons in one view, and for more, you need to swipe left, and by touching + you can add and rearrange more shortcut icons from the categories Recommended, Travel, Tools, Entertainment, and Finance that you will use most often.

Huawei Petal Search Shortcut

5. Use the Petal Search Assistant

Huawei phones have a voice assistant that is part of the Petal Search app. To activate Petal Assistant open the app, tap and hold the Petal tab, and the question Hi, how can I help you? will appear in the chatbox. Using your voice or keyboard, you can ask your Petal Assistant to recommend your needs.

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