Android 12 let you play games before they’re fully downloaded

Google’s new file system allows you to play Android games before they are fully downloaded to Android 12. Now, large games sometimes take some time to download, and if you just want to quickly test a new game or don’t have enough time to wait for the game to fully download for play, it can be disturbing and frustrating. Google is developing a new file system, called an incremental file system, which will allow games to be launched before all data is downloaded to the device.

The new features in Google Docs on, An incremental file system is “a dedicated Linux virtual file system that allows programs to be executed simultaneously while downloading its binary files and resource files via the network, USB, etc.” This means that when launching any large Android application, only some content needs to be downloaded, and you can continue to download the remaining data after the application starts.

XDA developers said that the feature may not appear on Android 11, most likely it will be implemented no later than Android 12 in 2021.


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