Blockchain Technology: HUAWEI CLOUD and COBO partnership

Huawei Cloud has officially announced a new partnership with COBO, a globally trusted leader in digital asset custody solutions, at a private closed door event. Both companies have signed MOU for their partnership.

This partnership between HUAWEI CLOUD and COBO marks a significant milestone in their shared vision to accelerate the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology in Asia.

As a major player in the industry, HUAWEI is widely recognized for its comprehensive cloud-based offerings, and together with COBO’s industry-leading digital asset custody technologies, they will deliver a reliable, robust, and highly secure wallet infrastructure – a foundational element of Web3.0.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI CLOUD and COBO will work on a series of collaborative activities to drive innovation, foster industry-wide collaboration, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the blockchain landscape.

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HUAWEI CLOUD and COBO partnership

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