Avanci launches 5G program with Huawei

According to the information, patent platform Avanci has officially announced the launch of its 5G Connected Vehicle Program. Huawei is included in the list of licensors for the program.

The company said that the Chinese tech giant Huawei has joined its 5G and 4G programs. So far, the 5G program has 58 licensors, including the top 10 global 5G standard essential patent holders like Qualcomm, Samsung and Nokia. Mercedes-Benz is the first licensee of the program.

Avanci also released its 5G program charges of $32 per vehicle, with an early-bird price to those licensed within six months. Automakers that sign licenses before the later of February 16, 2024 or first sale of 5G-connected car can enjoy a preferential rate of $29 per vehicle, subject to other terms of the license agreement.

The Avanci 5G Vehicle program covers patented technologies essential for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, including cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) which enables vehicles to directly communicate with other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and transportation infrastructure.

Director of automotive connected mobility at analyst firm TechInsights, Roger Lanctot, said that the transition from 4G technology to 5G will be “unlike any prior wireless changeover”. For the first time, automakers are facing an industry transformation touching on all aspects of vehicle development and sales, and car ownership.

Avanci launches 5G program with Huawei

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