Huawei P50 Pro and FreeBuds 5i August 2023 update rolling out

Huawei P50 Pro smartphone users are now getting the EMUI 13 stable update in Europe and the Freebuds 5i is getting the tap gesture feature. According to the information, the P50 Pro and Freebuds 5i latest firmware update is rolling out with the build numbers and

Huawei P50 Pro and FreeBuds 5i update changelog

P50 Pro

EMUI 13 introduces a variety of new features and improvements to improve the user experience. For example, you can swipe up on app icons to open service widgets, and customize your home screen by stacking or grouping widgets.

[Handy Service Widgets]

Swiping up on an app icon with the bottom widget bar generates a service widget that you can resize, drag to a new position, or add to your customized home screen.

Widget Stack: Drag widgets of the same size on top of each other to create a stack.

Swipe up or down to switch between widgets. Keep swiping down to see the stack, and swipe left on a widget to remove it. Hold and drag a widget to adjust its position in the stack, or drag it to the home screen.

Widget Combos: Drag and drop widgets of different sizes and app shortcuts to group them into a combo. You can adjust the combo size.

[Smart Folders with Resizable Size]

Press and hold a folder to resize it based on the number of apps it contains, to fit any available space on the home screen.

[super device]

Supports connecting and interacting with more types of devices via Super Device without being signed in with the same HUAWEI ID.


Adds the SuperHub feature, which allows you to simultaneously share multiple types of content between apps and devices by dragging text, images, and files into SuperHub.

[Privacy Management]

Allows you to keep track of which permissions are being used by which apps via the new privacy dashboard and offers useful tips for protecting your privacy.

[Security Center]

Easily check the security status of this device and other devices signed in with the same HUAWEI ID and get suggestions to improve device security.

[Acoustic Aids]

Allows easier connection to nearby hearing aids via Bluetooth.

This update optimizes the notifications in certain situations.

This update will not delete your personal information. However, it is recommended to back up important data before updating.
Some third-party apps that are not compatible with EMUI 13 may not work properly after updating. It is recommended to update these apps to the latest version in the Appstore.
If you encounter problems during the update, call the Huawei customer hotline or visit a Huawei customer service center.
4. The home screen layout may be changed slightly.

Freebuds 5i


  • Added triple tap gesture.
  • Added voice prompts for Double tap and Triple tap gestures.

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