BYD Huawei watch NFC car key is about to be launched

According to BYD official news, the watch NFC car key jointly developed by BYD and Huawei Wallet will be launched soon, and users are now recruiting to experience it first.

The official said that the BYD vehicle of the car owner who signed up for the experience must support the NFC car key function, have a Huawei WATCH 3 or WATCH 3 Pro watch, and the mobile phone bound to the watch is Android or HarmonyOS system.

At Huawei’s winter flagship new product launch conference, AITO’s first new product, AITO M5, was officially unveiled. Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei, CEO of Consumer Business, and CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, said that AITO M5 is equipped with Huawei Wallet digital car key function, which is the first car brand in the industry to support Bluetooth + NFC two-in-one digital car key at the same time.

BYD Huawei watch NFC car key BYD Huawei watch NFC car key-1


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