Honor Magic UI 6.0 released

On January 10, 2022, Zhao Ming released the Magic UI 6.0, it supports multi-device intelligent collaboration, focusing on smart life, collaborative office, and so on. According to the official introduction, based on the five smart engines of Magic Live, Magic UI 6.0 brings the AI ​​capability upgrade of scene perception, user understanding, and knowledge graph.

Honor Magic UI 6.0, under the blessing of the Magic Live intelligent engine, can perceive the geographical location through all-weather scenarios in scenarios such as boarding, subway, express delivery, elevator, etc.

In addition, Honor also showed a signal comparison between the Magic 3 and Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max between elevators, which is generally stronger and more power-efficient than the iPhone 13. In addition, compared to Magic UI 5.0, Magic UI 6.0 has improved the average frame rate of the game, the application keep-alive rate has been improved, and even the Magic 3 battery life has been improved by 20 minutes.

In addition, Honor also launched the HONOR Connect interconnection protocol, which can achieve 10ms low latency, 1.2GBps high data throughput, and 20% anti-packet loss rate. It supports glory sharing and collaboration mode functions and supports compatibility with OLA protocol and Matter protocol.

Officially, Honor Magic UI 6.0 upgrades the three-dimensional wisdom experience of Magic Live + basic OS and Magic Live + cross-device OS with the real-time online perception, understanding, and learning capabilities of the Magic Live intelligence engine. “In the future, Honor’s Magic UI will take a different development path from all existing brands.”

Combined with the basic OS, Magic Live can customize smart folders according to personal habits, and intelligently recommend App combinations during commuting to work, office meetings, entertainment and leisure.

Honor Magic UI 6.0 released-1 Honor Magic UI 6.0 released

Magic Live provides personalized optimization strategies for a variety of scenarios: LINK Turbo X integrates network distributed computing technology to improve communication stalls in weak signal environments; GPU Turbo X is equipped with AI real-time scene prediction and scheduling to improve the average frame rate of the game while the device maintains ” Calm”; OS Turbo X smart memory technology, application keep-alive increased by 20%, battery life equivalent time increased by 5%. Magic Live black technology wisdom blessing.


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