Check the Huawei Rollable phone design

LetsGoDigital has recently published many Huawei smartphone designs on its website, such as a concept device with a curved screen + hidden front selfie camera. In addition, Huawei seems to be also developing a “Mate X Rollable” rolling screen smartphone with a retractable design. In order to facilitate everyone to understand the design of the phone, graphic designer Ts Designer has shared elaborated 3D rendering.

As shown in the figure, “Mate X Rollable” has a fairly compact shape, with the screen occupying the entire front and most of the rear area. When in a fully expanded state, users can fully enjoy the display experience brought by the large screen.

From the patent description, the phone supports three modes. In addition to the most compact storage mode, there are also postures that stretch 35% and 70% respectively. Based on this, users can easily convert a 6.5-inch widescreen device into an 11-inch tablet.

By using the roll-up screen, a larger display surface can be created. Another advantage is that when using a rolling screen, there will be much fewer folding seams-because the screen will roll up/unfold and therefore will not fold in a specific location. That’s all for now.

Mate X Rollable concept-2

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