China Mobile and Huawei received 5G Core Leadership Award

China Mobile and Huawei received the 5G Core Leadership award by Omdia. This award is basically indicated of their outstanding achievements in 5G core network standards development, technology innovation, and commercial use practices, which have set a benchmark for global 5G construction and development.

As per the data, China Mobile has built more than 510 thousand 5G base stations and is providing services to more than 300 million 5G subscribers. In addition to these base stations, it has built the world’s largest 5GtoC/5GtoB core network, telco cloud, 4G network, and 5G SA network.

To implement the 5G+ plan, China Mobile has teamed up with Huawei and built the world’s largest cloud-based telecom resource pool in China. It has deployed as many as nearly 1000 sets of 5G core network NFs to serve hundreds of millions of users.

5G Core Leadership Award

Dr. Li Huidi, Executive Vice President of China Mobile, said, “We’re honored to receive this award and recognition for our 5G core networks. 5G is booming, enabling the digital economy. We will continue to work with industry partners to innovate and make 5G the main channel of information flow, an accelerator of industry transformation and upgrade, and a new cornerstone for the digital society.”

Wang Tao, Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board of Huawei, said: “It’s an honor to receive the 5G Core Leadership award with China Mobile. This award is a recognition of what we have achieved through our long-term cooperation. In the future, Huawei will deepen cooperation with global customers and industry partners to create high-quality 5G networks, bring digital to more people and industries, and build a better, intelligent world together.”


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