China Mobile and Huawei Win the TM Forum Sustainability Excellence Award 2022

The TM Forum recently held the Digital Transformation World (DTW) summit, in the “Green 5G Enables Sustainable Development” project of China Mobile and Huawei won the Sustainability Excellence Award 2022.

For the global goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China Mobile cooperated with Huawei and leveraged AI technologies to build a “Green 5G” all-scenario solution based on the concept and core capabilities of AN which includes the following.

  • The solution has built all-scenario energy-saving technologies for its network operations to achieve end-to-end energy saving on 5G networks, covering the network layer (5G base stations, transmission devices, equipment rooms, simplified outdoor sites,and data centers).
  • In terms of industry customer enablement, The solution has combined the AI capabilities of AN with the large bandwidth and low latency advantages of 5G to help enterprises.
  • In terms of data transfer, China Mobile actively practices “Eastern Data, Western Training” over the computing force network to fully utilize the western advantages of intensive, clustered, and clean energy.

In the coming next decade, communications networks will continue to play a leading role in promoting the development of the world.


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