Huawei Connect 2022: Smart Customs and Port Solutions for World-class Trade Infrastructure

At Huawei Connect 2022, Huawei introduced its latest solutions for customs and ports at HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, held in Bangkok from September 19 to 21.

The debut of the Customs and Port Team in Asia Pacific is a big milestone for Huawei, said Robin Lu, Senior Vice President and COO of Huawei Customs and Port Team.

“At HUAWEI CONNECT this year, we are sharing our leading ICT products and successful industry scenario-based solutions in the hope of helping customs and port infrastructure in Asia Pacific achieve modernization and smart development. In doing so, we can improve port operational efficiency and cross-border trade facilitation,” Lu said.

Smart Customs and Port Solutions Huawei

Port of the future: Safe, Efficient, and Smart

Brain: Huawei uses the Huawei Cloud OptVerse AI Solver to enable intelligent planning, helping ports optimize every step of their production efficiency.

Arms — Remote Control with an Optical Network: Conventional terminal operations are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Operators have to work in harsh environments without food or drink for several hours.

Huawei’s remote control solution for QCs and yard cranes (YCs) relies on an optical network. Operators can work remotely from air-conditioned rooms in urban areas, enjoying more safety and comfort as well as shorter commutes.

Legs — Smart Horizontal Transport: Ports usually run 24/7. As such, internal container truck drivers typically work in three shifts, facing safety risks and high workloads.

Eyes — Smart Production Security: The newly automated terminals require an all-weather security assurance system. That’s why, Huawei offers a smart production security solution to help terminals avoid safety risks.


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