MetaAAU: Zain KSA with Huawei deployed the third-generation 5G RAN product

According to the official Huawei press release, Zain KSA together with Huawei deployed the third-generation 5G RAN product MetaAAU for the 5G carrier aggregation coverage extension.

Zain KSA in Saudi Arabia is a leading 5G customer base with plans to become a one-stop digital partner. To provide more capacity to 5G users, Zain KSA incorporated an additional 5G carrier, seeking to support more 5G use cases, including cloud computing, IoT, AI, and machine learning solutions while continuing to deliver excellent user experiences.


MetaAAU is a new product of Huawei’s third-generation 5G RAN product series. It is made to grab the best performance and lowest power consumption by applying a wide range of leading wireless technologies and represents a key path for evolution to 5.5G network.

MetaAAU introduces the new extremely large antenna array (ELAA) architecture, multi-channel technology, and innovative algorithms.


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