COD Modern Warfare 2 blocked players attempt to discover the Activision staff theory offline

On November 2nd today, PCGAMER discovered that a player of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, who has been forbidden twofold in a row, exhibited that he demonstrated to move offline to Activision to detect representative concepts, but was assailed by various players.

On October 28th:

Although on October 28th the player which has now been erased, was forbidden, to unlock a fresh new account through a new email address after an abortive demand, it was impassable again on October 29th, and pay out a complete of $140.Incompetent to convey by phone, the client determined to move to Activision’s office in Austin, Texas, to detect someone to speculate and was disused by security personnel in Activision’s parking lot.

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The security guard said:

Although the security guard says that the person does not permit the person to detect the workers to “match”, and the recent members are compressed, if it is an inaccuracy then, the problem will be resolved in a few weeks. The person posted that he was so defeated that he just wishes to entertain the game he had bought for $140. The security guard also gives consideration to him not being so annoyed about a game and being calm.

Who gives support:

Some people are not agreeing with this apprise of the person in the post, because the action can simply be descriptive as ability aggressive, suspect that the assault will have not a good effect naturally there are also those who give supports it, vocation it very fearless.

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