Download Huawei Petal Maps APK

Huawei Petal Maps App updated to the latest version Petal Maps lets you explore the world around you in new ways. Available in over 140 countries and regions, it not only lets you get your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, but also displays real-time traffic conditions, events, and loads more.
*Real-time traffic data is currently only available in certain countries/regions.

Huawei Petal Maps APK Changelog:

[Traffic conditions]
Get an instant overview of conditions for the whole route.
[Commute card]
Stay updated about journey times and traffic conditions.
[Add extra stops]
Add pre-planned stops to your route.
[Set route preferences]
Plan the perfect route based on your preferences.
[More navigation languages]
Voice navigation is now supported in 40 languages.

Download Huawei Petal Maps Latest App APK:


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