Huawei Smart Screen V series pushes HarmonyOS (SP1) update

Huawei Smart screen V series started rolling out the HarmonyOS (SP1) update. The latest update optimizes the system and supports mirror projection. Check the adapted models and changelog below.

Huawei Smart Screen V series HarmonyOS (SP1) update changelog:

HarmonyOS (SP1) -> HarmonyOS (SP2)

Adapted models

  • Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+16GB (HEGE-550C);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+32GB (HEGE-550B);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V55i 4GB+64GB (HEGE-550);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V65 4GB+64GB (HEGE-560);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V65i 4GB+32GB (HEGE-560B);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V65 Premium Edition 4GB+128GB (HEGE-560S);
  • Huawei Smart Screen V75 4GB+64GB (HEGE-570)

Update log


Optimize the system performance and experience of some scenes to improve system stability.

Added the HyperTerminal feature .


The “Watch History” entry has been added to the Huawei video poster on the homepage.

To add a convenient page, you can enter the convenient page by pressing the smart key on the homepage.

[Children Mode]

Support animation, classroom, nursery rhyme and children’s application market.

Support parents to control the installed applications.


Mirror mirroring supports smart full screen to remove black edges .

Mirror projection supports multi-window mode .

[Control center]

Added screenshot/recording function .


Multi-party calls are supported , and multiple people can communicate online at the same time.

Changlian Video Call supports receiving screen sharing initiated by the mobile phone, watching and chatting, and smooth communication.

Unblocked conversations support small-window conversations, and connect unblocked conversations while watching videos.

Smoothly connect messages and enjoy communication, and support the portable sending and receiving of various types of files such as text, voice, picture, and video.

[Sports Health]

AI Fitness is upgraded to Huawei Sports Health , with a new immersive interface experience.

Support to connect wear and equipment, real-time display of heart rate information and professional results.

Add male and female coach settings, you can choose according to your own preferences.

The somatosensory zone is newly added, which is perfect for both entertainment and exercise.

Support multi-person square dance, a new experience of healthy life.

Huawei V Series Smart Screen

The new Huawei smart screen V series is equipped with 24MP ultra-wide-angle AI eyes pop up, and its recognition ability has been greatly upgraded. It has been upgraded from single-person recognition to maximum three-person recognition. It supports up to three simultaneous AI fitness and 3D AI games

AI Kids is upgraded synchronously, a new child mode and remote management of parents, real-time monitoring of children’s sitting posture and distance while watching movies and take good care of children’s eye health. ​​​

A new generation of Huawei Smart Screen V series brings an experience of class on the big screen, you can attend the calls in real time and also manage the screen as a mobile office like multi-device collaboration.


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