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Huawei has created the perfect Google Search alternative called Huawei Search, now users can search the Internet, brief history of a specific search, etc. We may see Huawei Search in the upcoming Huawei P40 series smartphones as well as in the Honor smartphones.

Huawei Search came to the AppGallery since January 21 of this 2020. Apart from the web page results, it will show you brief summary responding to the search, news, sports results, local business directory, weather forecast, and even filtering by categories of images, videos, and music.

Download Huawei Search Latest APK:

You can also download it from the AppGallery section.

How does the Huawei Search app work?

As you can see from the screenshots below, it would look like this, with an interface that showcases a space reserved for research sitting on some shortcuts. Below, there is the classic feed with contents, while looking for something, the results are grouped into four main sections. Further down, three macro-sections: Discover, Search and Me.

Huawei Search App

Huawei Search App main

Huawei Search official Huawei Search


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