Download Latest Huawei HiCare App [HiCare APK]

Huawei HiCare APP is your personalized guide to the one-stop online support for hassle-free and convenient service experience. It can diagnose the performance of your device and troubleshoot the common issues with one tap.

How to Find HiCare?

Method 1

-Look for the pre-installed HiCare APP on your device
-The pre-installed HiCare App is in your phone’s interface.

Method 2

-Search from Hiboard
-Type “HiCare” in the search box.

Download HiCare App now! Click here.

How to download and install the latest update on Huawei / Honor devices via HiCare app

1. Download and install the latest version of HiCare app on your Huawei/Honor mobile.

2. Once the app is successfully installed, open it from the App Drawer.

3. Log in with your Huawei ID. Doesn’t have, create one.

4. On a successful sign-in, you need to select your country/region.

5. Agree “Permissions and user agreement”.

6. Select ‘Service’ section from the top of the screen and then choose the ‘Update’ icon.

7. Now you need to tap on Request update > Apply.

8. Huawei HiCare app will search for the latest software updates (EMUI Update).

9. If available, select “Download and install”. Doing this, the latest firmware will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Huawei / Honor smartphone.

10. Once installed, the device will reboot to the latest firmware. Done!

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