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Huawei listed its new Link Now App on the AppGallery platform. As we know that, US companies are no longer allowed to work with Huawei, which is why HUAWEI is now increasingly relying on its own apps. So, Huawei has its own Apps such as HUAWEI Browser, and HUAWEI Music and some are still in the middle of development, such as HUAWEI Maps.

Link Now is an online collaboration and education service platform with services such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and online learning. In Link Now, you can choose different services on different occasions for better productivity at your work and study.

Groups and instant messaging services:
– Start quick chat with your friends and groups via just a QR code scan;
– Create group or team chats for different needs on different occasions;

Real-time audio/video services:
– Conference on-the-go: instant conference on mobile phones and tablets;
– Scheduling: one-click to schedule your meeting and send invitations to attendees;
– HD video: high-quality video call for face-to-face conversations with your friends and colleagues;
– Controllable conference: Meeting controls like locking meeting, muting/unmuting, disabling cameras to ensure effective meeting experience;

Online Classroom services:
– Online teaching: remote teaching anytime anywhere; create private lesson for your class or open class for public;
– Classroom interaction: raising your hand to connect with the teacher for real-time interactive experience.

Link Now, an online collaboration and education service platform.

Download the latest Huawei Link Now Application APK:

Huawei Link Now Latest APK

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