EMUI 10.1: These new tools available in Huawei Gallery for photo editing

Huawei Gallery with EMUI 10.1 comes with high-level editing support, you don’t need to use any third-party applications to edit your pictures. EMUI 10.1 brings an intelligent feature by cutting-edge image processing algorithms, to meet all conceivable needs while accounting for diverse customization preferences.

The new version of Huawei Gallery allows for superb post-editing on both static pictures and moving pictures (pictures taken under the Moving Picture mode in Camera).

Editing Static Pictures

Touch to view the picture, and then select Edit underneath to display the post-editing options:

Static picture editing interface- EMUI 10.1

The editing toolbar is divided into two rows. The bottom row contains all of the features that were available in previous Gallery versions, including Crop, Filter, Adjust, Beauty, Doodle, and Mosaic.

The first row offers such newly-added intelligent functions as Auto, Remove reflection, Brighten, De-mist, Straighten, and Document adjustment.

New tool for photo editing - Huawei EMUI 10.1

Auto offers a one-touch, all-around optimization. The Remove reflection, Brighten, and De-mist functions bring much-needed brightness and clarity to otherwise drab surroundings. Straighten and Document adjustment corrects the photo’s composition.

One-touch de-mist - EMUI 10.1
One-touch de-mist – EMUI 10.1
Straighten - EMUI 10.1
Straighten – EMUI 10.1
Document adjustment - EMUI 10.1
Document adjustment – EMUI 10.1

Under the cover selection bar is the toolbar, basically the same setup as that for static picture editing. The first row, however, includes an added smart function, Remove passersby, which can identify and remove passersby in the cover image, who would otherwise detract from the subject.

Remove passersby - EMUI 10.1
Remove passersby – EMUI 10.1

The second row is exactly identical. When you use any of these features, the moving picture will switch to become a static picture for editing.

Moving picture editing toolbar
Moving picture editing toolbar – EMUI 10.1

(Source – Huawei Community)

Check the latest EMUI 10.1 updates here.

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