EMUI Tips: How to make all apps support split-screen

Huawei EMUI has the best feature called split-screen, it helps you divide phone screen into sections. For example, if you are reading any web page, and you also want to open any app at the same time. EMUI brings you smart split-screen feature for more convenience in our daily use.

However, there are still some apps on the phone that do not support split-screen, what should you do?

Don’t worry, you can use the forced split-screen feature to solve this problem:

1. Open Settings > About phone, tap the Build number 7 times in a row until the phone automatically enters the “Enter lock screen password” interface. After you enter your lock screen password, the screen will say “You are now a developer!”.

2. Return to the settings interface, click to enter the System & updates, click the Developer options, then scroll down to the bottom, and enable Force activities to be resizable.

3. After restarting the phone, you can force split-screen for apps that do not support split-screen.

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