Ericsson says our 5G technology is better than others

According to recent research currently, the top list of communication equipment manufacturers follows Huawei, Nokia, and Ericsson.

Ericsson recently achieved a download speed of 4.3Gbps under 5G millimeter wave (mmWave), which is faster than the 3.67Gbps reached by China in October 2019. This includes Ericsson breaks Huawei 5G mmWave rate record.

In North America, the 5G network concern has become the option of Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, and other manufacturers. However, in Europe, the situation is different. Many countries and operators have refused to keep Huawei out. The reasons are similar, excluding Huawei will make 5G deployment slow and expensive.

Fredrik Jejdling, head of Ericsson’s Enterprise Network, said Ericsson holds 81 5G contracts, which is currently the most. He said that Ericsson is leading the development of 5G, both from the number of customers and from the advanced level of technology.

Jejdling further stated that we were the first to deploy 5G communication equipment on four continents and currently have 24 networks worldwide. No one is ahead of us.



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