Forbes China released the top Business Women Rankings

Forbes China released the “China’s Most Outstanding Business Women Rankings”, the 65-year-old Dong Mingzhu (Chinese businesswoman who serves as Chairwoman of Gree Electric) topped the list again after two years.

At the end of 2019, the whole revenue of Gree Electric Appliances was settled. New financial investors entered with 41.66 billion yuan in cash, becoming the latest largest shareholder.

The total market value of 100 companies managed by women in business this year is nearly 10 trillion yuan.¬†Among them, more than half of the applicants have a master’s degree or above (including MBA), and the proportion of those with a bachelor’s degree or above is close to 90%.¬†Geographically, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing have become the cities with the most names on the list.

Of the 100 female executives on the list, nearly a quarter of them were from the TMT industry, followed by finance, real estate, and medicine. This year’s business women’s list, nearly 60% of female executives are from private family-controlled listed companies, and 20% of the listserve multinational companies.

Compared with previous years, this year’s business women’s list has many new faces, including Ms. He Tingbo (Teresa He), Huawei’s director and president of Hisilicon, who has been acclaimed as the “Queen of Chips” by the media.

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