HarmonyOS: Huawei released the second-generation air purifier, after 3 years

According to the information, Huawei Zhixuan launched the Huawei Zhixuan 720 full-effect air purifier 2, which is currently in pre-sale at the official flagship store of Huawei JD.com, Huawei Tmall flagship store, and Huawei Mall. The listing shows that this product will be available at a price tag of 1499 yuan.

The Air Purifier 2 is fully upgraded based on the listed Huawei Zhixuan 720 full-effect air purifier (launched in November 2018), with purification technology upgrades, purification capacity upgrades, intelligent control upgrades, and convenience upgrades.

The new product adopts UltraClean full-effect purification technology, which integrates 6 cycles of purification inside and outside the machine, which can achieve 99.99% sterilization and virus aerosol removal.

Facing the new house decoration, and the needs of the mother and baby group for the removal of formaldehyde and odor, Huawei Zhixuan 720 full-effect air purifier 2 adopts the method of double aldehyde removal with activated carbon + amino acid aldehyde removal crystal, and the formaldehyde CADR reaches 300 cubic meters per hour.

The CADR of toluene reaches 200 cubic meters per hour, the formaldehyde removal capacity is increased by 50%, and the formaldehyde removal rate can reach 98% in one hour.

This purifier is also the first air purifier to support HarmonyOS Zhilian certification and has obtained the HarmonyOS Connect ecological product technology certification. Equipped with HarmonyOS Connect, you can connect the tags with one touch, and there is no need to configure the network with the App.

In addition, through the blessing and empowerment of HarmonyOS, Huawei Zhixuan 720 full-effect air purifier 2 can realize functions such as Huawei Smart Life App control, Celia voice control, and smart home scene linkage.

Huawei Zhixuan 720 air purifier 2

Huawei Zhixuan 720 air purifier 2-1

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