Huawei and Dongfeng parts group have in-depth exchanges on cooperation in the Internet of Vehicles

Meng Lingjun, BU sales director of Huawei’s smart car solutions, Pan Jindong, general manager of Huawei’s Xiangyang City, Hubei, and Luo Yaohua, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Parts Group, participated in the exchange. Meng Shaoyun said that Huawei has long focused on innovation and R&D in the ICT field, looks forward to discussing with Dongfeng Parts Group in the fields of Internet of Vehicles, smart cockpit systems, and smart driving systems ecology.

Huawei recently announced the latest smart car solutions personnel appointment notice. Wang Jun, the former president of Huawei’s smart car solutions BU, was transferred to BU COO and concurrently as the president of the smart driving solution product line.

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Huawei responded that due to management needs, the company abolished the position of BU president of smart car solutions and made new appointments to senior managers. The core management team remains unchanged. This appointment is a normal personnel adjustment for the better Develop smart auto parts business. In addition, Huawei continues to emphasize that it will not build cars. Huawei will focus on ICT and be an incremental component supplier for smart cars to help automakers build good cars.



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