Huawei’s new smart office product launch conference is scheduled for September 13

According to the latest information from Weibo tipster, the new Huawei Smart Office product launch conference will be held at 19:30 on September 13 and it is known as “Unlocking new office productivity!”

For now, the products detail are still unknown but the leaker suggested that there is a printer with the “HUAWEI” logo on the front of the device. Simple, it seems that it not only supports printing but also integrates functions such as scanning and copying. The configuration wizard shows that the Huawei printer supports Wi-Fi, and it seems that it can realize wireless printing and remote control by App.

Huawei's new smart office product

Not surprisingly, Huawei printers should also be a member of the HarmonyOS ecological family, which can be linked with Huawei mobile phones and Huawei computers.

Huawei's new smart office product - 1

This new launch event will also bring new computer products as well as smart office devices.


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