Huawei AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display appears at the Munich Auto Show

Huawei on its official Weibo account in China, at the Munich International Automobile and Smart Mobility Expo, Huawei exhibited Huawei’s latest AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head Up Display) augmented reality head-up display solution.

Huawei AR-HUD Image

Huawei AR-HUD turns the front windshield into the “first screen” of intelligent information that integrates technology, safety, and entertainment, creating a new driving experience with a brand new vision.

Huawei News

As per the information, Huawei AR-HUD provides a large viewing angle of 13°x 5°, that is, a 70-inch large-format display area 7.5 meters in front. Under the premise of not affecting the driver’s sight, AR-HUD displays instrument information in the lower edge area to assist safe driving. It can also provide AR safe navigation information that fits the road surface and covers multiple lanes on demand, such as at a three-way intersection.

Huawei AR-HUD can achieve full HD visual display up to 100PPD , while solving the problems of low brightness, low contrast, and image distortion of traditional HUDs, making AR-HUD both audio-visual entertainment functions.

AR-HUD effect

Huang Zhiyong, president of Huawei’s optical application field, said that in the next phase, AR-HUD will develop in the direction of a larger frames, higher definition, and naked eye 3D.



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