Huawei announces donation of openEuler

At the Operating System Industry Summit 2021 (Beijing National Convention Center), Huawei joined hands with all partners in the community to formally donate the Euler open source operating system (openEuler, referred to as “Euler”) to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation.

Euler is an open-source operating system for digital infrastructure, which can be widely deployed in servers, cloud computing, edge computing, embedded, and other devices in various forms.

Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei and Director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee officially announced that Huawei will donate the full amount of Euleropen-source operating system code, brand trademarks, community infrastructure.

It is understood that in September of this year, Huawei upgraded Euler from a server operating system to an operating system for digital infrastructure. It supports all digital infrastructure scenarios such as IT, CT, and OT, covering servers, cloud computing, edge computing, Various types of devices such as embedded devices.

At present, the Euler open source community has attracted nearly 10,000 developers, nearly a hundred special interest groups, and 300 companies have joined the community, bringing together processors, complete machines, basic software, application software, industry customers and other partners in the entire industry chain.



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