Huawei released the ORA Talent development acceleration plan

The Operating System Industry Summit 2021 was held simultaneously online and offline at the Beijing National Convention Center. During the conference, Huawei joined hands with industry customers and ecological partners to bring the latest developments in the operating system industry and the release of the openEuler series, including Euler donation.

Wang Tao, Executive Director of Huawei and Director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, formally announced in his speech: “Huawei will donate the full amount of Oula open source operating system code, brand trademarks, community infrastructure, and other related assets to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation to gather more Multi-industry forces are building stronger digital infrastructure at a faster speed.”

As per the information, the guidance of the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Computer Professional Teaching Committee, Huawei also officially released the “Euler Talent Development Acceleration Plan”, centering on the operating system direction, starting from the first batch of 72 colleges and universities that landed on the smart base.

ORA Talent development acceleration plan

To make it better industrial innovation forces, Huawei has joined 6 major cities across the country, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Nanjing, and 8 operating system partners to jointly launch the first batch of “Euler Eco-Innovation Centers” to further deepen Europe.

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