Huawei AppGallery vs Google Play Store

Huawei AppGallery is the perfect alternative to the Google Play Store, AppGallery is a platform that serves the apps for Huawei smartphone users as we do in the Google play store. Huawei AppGallery is also risk-free, which means the company is committed to ensuring security and protection for Huawei/Honor smartphone/device users with top levels of security.

Huawei AppGallery verifies the real name of the developer and a four-step verification process for the safe operation of the applications.

The AppGallery also has an age rating system to protect children from applications that are not suitable for their age. Huawei has promised that personally sensitive biometric data will only be stored locally on the Huawei device.

Huawei AppGallery vs Google Play Store:

  • The AppGallery will divide apps into 18 categories such as news, social media, entertainment and more. If an app is missing, users can enter the name on a “wish list” and will be notified when the app is available. While the Google play store has approx 32 categories.
  • Huawei AppGallery has a free app ecosystem called Quick Apps. It is a suite of apps that uses very little memory and at the same time offers a good user experience, powerful functions and automatic updates for HTML5 pages. According to Huawei, users will be able to house almost 2,000 Quick Apps with only 1 GB of storage space.
  • The AppGallery has more than 450 million active users per month as well as 55,000 apps. While in the Google play store the number of apps is 2.9 million.
  • Around 400,000 developers joined the Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) within four months. It now has around 1.3 million┬ádevelopers.

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