Huawei application for the Yao Anna trademark was approved

On November 6 the status of Yao Anna trademarks applied by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was changed to registration announcements, and the international classification involved 9 types of scientific instruments.

To recall, the company registered the trademarks “Yao Siwei” and “Yao Anna” on January 25. The international classification includes 30 types of convenience foods, 14 types of jewelry and watches, and 38 types of communication services.

In February of this year, according to Tech Planet reports, Ren Zhengfei apologized to all employees for the registration of Yao Anna’s trademark for “public rights and private use” in Huawei’s internal voice community. According to the report, it was the first private use of public power by Ren Zhengfei and entrusted the company’s Intellectual Property Department to register a trademark for his daughter Yao Siwei (stage name Yao Anna). The explanation also pointed out that this move is “not to be done” because the Yao Anna trademark will be at risk of malicious squatting, and Yao Anna herself does not have the ability to register the trademark for the time being.

According to public information, Anna Yao is the daughter of Huawei’s main founder and president Ren Zhengfei and his second wife Yao Ling. She was formerly known as Yao Siwei and graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and statistics. Anna Yao announced her official debut in January 2021 and entered the entertainment industry.

Yao Anna

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