Huawei 55-inch smart screen sale price is just 1699 yuan

According to the information, the regular price of the Huawei HD55DESA 55-inch LCD TV (smart screen) is 1,999 yuan, and in the double eleven “deposit + final payment” this smart screen is available at 1,699 yuan. It is equipped with HarmonyOS 2 system.

Smart Screen SE 55

Huawei Smart Screen SE (65 and 55-inches):

As per the specifications, Huawei Smart Screen SE 55-inches and 65-inches have a wide color gamut of Honghu image quality, which is officially claimed to be able to restore the true color of the horizon. It also has a wide color gamut of 92% DCI-P3.

The Huawei Smart Screen SE series also opened up a new field of smart screen entertainment, equipped with distributed games and smart screen K song features. Huawei Smart Screen SE runs on the HarmonyOS system and also added many innovative selling points to the cross-screen experience, such as the addition of mirrored screen privacy protection on the basis of supporting one-touch screen projection and dual-phone projection.

When the mobile phone mirrors the screen, it can shield the mobile phone’s status bar, notification bar, incoming call reminder, and other information to improve user privacy protection.

Huawei Smart Screen SE can be paired with HUAWEI Sound, and the audio stream will be redistributed intelligently, changing to 3.1 channels in 2.0 seconds, and the large screen and speakers use Wi-Fi high-speed networking, which is more common in the industry. Also, Huawei Smart Screen SE also supports fast mutual transmission, the smooth connection of messages, a smooth connection of conversations, and so on.


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