Huawei AR Map receiving new version update

Huawei’s AR Map officially released a new version, adding Beijing Fang, Shanghai Bund, Shenzhen Vientiane World King Glory theme AR digital content experience and lottery activities; also supports the call of King Glory heroes everywhere, you can take photos and share with the heroes.

The following are the new features of Huawei AR Maps:

1) Added AR digital content experiences and lucky draws with the theme of Glory of Kings in Beijing Fang, Shanghai Bund and Shenzhen Vientiane World;

2) Added support for summoning heroes of the King’s Glory everywhere, you can take photos with the heroes and share them;

3) Users can post New Year’s greeting fireworks in the service area, and post messages on the streamer curtain wall;

4) Increase the model support of MatePad Pro.

Huawei AR MAP Update Huawei AR MAP

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