Huawei: Ascend AI ecosystem has developed more than 350,000 developers

According to the information, the 2nd China Optics Valley Artificial Intelligence Conference and Entrepreneur Summit Forum were held at China Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center.

The Ascend AI ecosystem has achieved rapid development in the past year. It has now developed more than 350,000 developers. At the same time, it has incubated more than 600 solutions with more than 500 partners and launched Ascend in more than 100 universities.

Xu Yingtong, President of Huawei’s Ascend Computing Business, stated that Huawei and Wuhan have jointly built the Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, creating an industrial layout of “1 center + 4 platforms”, and in the public computing power services, innovative applications platform construction is carried out in terms of incubation, industrial aggregation development, scientific research innovation and talent training.

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It is reported that the Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has provided artificial intelligence computing power support for more than 20 companies, 4 universities, and research institutes, incubating multiple basic science fields and enterprise applications such as remote sensing image analysis, smart cities, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing.



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