Huawei published a patent for Smart Car Control

Huawei published a patent named “Smart Car Control Method, Device and Related Equipment” on July 23 and the patent number can be identified as CN113160590A.

According to the patent details, this application discloses a method for controlling a smart car, which includes:

  • When the controller first recognizes the signal display device, it calculates the target value of the acquisition parameter of the image acquisition device in the smart car.
  • The acquisition parameters of the image acquisition device are used to indicate the acquisition period, number of exposures, exposure duration, and exposure interval duration of the image acquired by the image acquisition device.
  • Then, send an adjustment instruction to the image acquisition device.
  • Then according to the image identification signal identification was obtained after adjusting the acquisition parameters of the image acquisition device, and controlling the driving of the smart car according to the identified signal identification.

The patent uses this to increase the probability that the signal identifier in the image captured by the image acquisition device is in the lit state, and to increase the probability that the result recognized by the controller according to the image is consistent with the result actually indicated by the signal identifier, thereby improving the basis the result of the recognition controls the accuracy and safety of the smart car.

Huawei Smart Car Control Patent


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