Huawei published a patent for Screen Sharing Method and Mobile Device Based on Video Call

Huawei has listed one more patent on its portfolio, the info shows that the patent is named “Screen Sharing Method and Mobile Device Based on Video Call” and the publication number is CN113141483A.

According to the patent summary, the video call-based screen sharing method and mobile device provided by the embodiments of this application implement screen sharing between mobile devices during a video call between mobile devices, and can be treated according to the user.

The selection of the selected content determines the shared content, and the user operation is simple in the process of sharing the screen, and the efficiency and speed of sharing the screen is high, which meets the diverse needs of users for sharing the screen.

The methods provided by the patent include:

  • Determining that the first mobile device establishes a video call with the second mobile device
  • Determine that the video mode of the first mobile device is a shared screen mode
  • The interface that displays the content to be selected
  • Determine the shared content according to the selection operation of the interface of the content to be selected
  • Send the shared content to the second mobile device, so that the second mobile device displays the shared content

Screen Sharing Method and Mobile Device Based on Video Call Patent Huawei


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