Huawei published a patent for Vehicle Information

According to the information, Huawei published a patent for “Vehicle Information Push Method, Device, User Account Server, and User Equipment”, with the publication number CN113129636A.

The patent summary shows that in the aforementioned vehicle information push method, after receiving the vehicle approach event sent by the parking management server and obtaining the geofence information of the parking lot managed by the parking management server, the user account server obtains the vehicle information. The user account is bound to the license plate number, and the location judgment result of the user equipment corresponding to the user account is obtained.

Huawei published a patent for Vehicle Information

The user equipment whose current location is different from the location of the vehicle, even if the user account corresponding to the aforementioned user device is bound. In addition to the license plate number of the above-mentioned vehicle, the information push of the vehicle entering the parking lot will not be received, so that the user’s vehicle location information can be effectively protected, and the vehicle location information push is more intelligent.



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