Huawei books launched a new high-quality male voice

Huawei Book has now added a new voice and it’s a male voice. You can now listen to a new voice in books like “Da Ming under the Microscope”, “Hurricane”, “The Great Qin Empire” and enjoy the effect of human voice reading, making the good books you hear more charming.

Huawei Reading now supports 11 emotional timbres and supports immersive listening to books. For example, open “Da Ming under the Microscope”, click the earphone icon in the upper right corner, and enter the listening mode. Click on the lower left corner and choose any tone you like to start an immersive listening experience.

Huawei Book new voice Huawei Book new voice 1

Huawei Book now supports 2.2 million+ high-quality books and high-quality audio content; exquisite layout, paper-like reading, one-click translation in more than 40 languages; easy annotation and classification; cross-device transfer, and seamless reading.

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