Huawei Celia Keyboard public beta version released

Huawei Celia keyboard public beta version released and the download size is 46 MB. Huawei Celia Keyboard is a safe and free keyboard application developed by Huawei that allows you to type fast, accurately, and fun. Support more than 170 languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world and provide rich emojis.

Huawei Celia Keyboard Update Changelog:

The main new additions and optimizations in this updated version are as follows, please focus on the experience:

1) Add professional thesaurus.

2) Optimization of Celia quotations path on the keyboard side.

3) The keyboard side expression path optimization.

4) Added Changlian support for sending emoji.

5) The new growth controls the cursor movement according to the candidate word column.

6) Add candidate word list/select all.

7) Added Uyghur dictionary download.

8) Some bug fixes.

Huawei Celia Keyboard public beta version Huawei Celia Keyboard public beta version-1


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