Huawei Cloud WeLink is Secure and Trustworthy

According to recent research, Huawei Cloud WeLink is Secure and Trustworthy. People using this added a positive review for the company’s point of view. Huawei WeLink has become the main office tool used by home office workers. As a result, many people care about how to ensure the data security of these office software.

Huawei Cloud WeLink has passed the Ministry of Public Security’s third level of network security protection, CSA STAR Gold certification, ISO27001 / 27017/27018, Android Green Alliance purity level (highest), and more than 50 domestic and foreign highest security authority certification.

In response, Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei Cloud BU, responded that corporate office is different from personal social networking. Huawei Cloud WeLink made it clear from the beginning: data sovereignty must belong to customers, not Huawei Cloud. Each customer owns the system exclusively, and the data is naturally isolated.

Huawei Cloud WeLink can achieve security protection without relying on hardware. Based on signaling and media encryption algorithms, a unique digital watermark mode can ensure content security and traceability. At the same time, the “security sandbox” technology is used on the user side, and end-side data such as contacts, emails, files, and messages are encrypted by using a secure storage space when needed. Related data is only valid in the security sandbox. After the visit, the data is not stored locally for a long time, which prevents the possibility of data leakage on the user side.


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