Huawei Cloud Welink Launched – AI ​​work assistant

Huawei Cloud released the smart work platform WeLink today. Xue Hao, vice president of Huawei Cloud and president of connectivity and collaboration business, said that Huawei Cloud WeLink is derived from Huawei’s digital transformation practice and provides two types of basic services and value-added services. It has three core advantages maintaining neutrality; enabling partners to continue innovation and lead the future of the industry; and creating and sharing.”

According to reports, Huawei Cloud WeLink can help users to achieve collaborative office at any time, any place, and through various terminal devices ( mobile phones, computers, Pads, electronic whiteboards, etc.).

Huawei Cloud WeLink is derived from Huawei’s own digital office transformation practice. On January 1, 2017, WeLink 1.0 was launched by Huawei, providing various functions such as meetings, messages, emails, pending approvals, and knowledge sharing. At present, WeLink’s global Huawei users have reached 195,000, with a daily livelihood rate of 99.8%, daily connections of more than 12 million times, connected teams of 520,000, and overall Huawei employees’ global collaboration efficiency increased by 30%.


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