Huawei WiFi Pro – Enjoy 5G network without changing phone

The 5G smartphones made appearance starting August this year. Huawei and other companies launched their 5G smartphones to experience most of the world quickly. The 5G smartphones price starting from 3,000 yuan, as this is the starting stage users or buyers can’t afford this much price because there are not many 5G mobile phones available on the market. So How to Enjoy a 5G network without changing the phone with Huawei WiFi Pro.

Huawei introduced the 5G acceptable device WiFi Pro the price is low ($360.00) and most important you don’t even need to change your phone, and you can use all your smart electronic products on dual-mode 5G networks.

On the Huawei WiFi Pro, there are two USB interfaces, one Type-C, and one Type-A. It has a square design, A built-in 8000mAh battery, supports Huawei 40W super-fast charging to help it charge, and also supports 22.5W wired reverse fast charging and 15W wireless reverse. Check below how it works.

How Huawei WiFi Pro Works?

  • The 5G network is obtained through the 5G mobile phone card loaded by the user, and the 5G network is shared out via WiFi technology or wired USB. In common terms, so-called it works like a common WiFi.
  • Inside the Huawei WiFi Pro has the latest Kirin 990 5G chip-Baron 5000 based on 7nm, which supports NSA & SA dual-mode 5G.
  • The network speed can reach 1.65Gbps through USB 3.0 Type-C interface. Compared with ordinary 4G networks and even home broadband. It supports four domestic 5G frequency bands: N41, N77, N78, and N79.
  • The first step is to load the 5G SIM card. The second step is to directly press and hold the power button to start and start using. The use method is as simple as the actual hotspot.

Test Equipment:

-Normal Windows Notebook.

-Huawei Mate 30 Pro 4G Edition.

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