Huawei completes 4K live encoder test with built-in 5G module

Huawei Wireless Network team said that, in Shanghai Huawei X Labs Wireless Application Scenario Lab, Huawei and industry partner Gao Jun Technology completed the first stage of the 4K live encoder test with built-in 5G module, which opened the 5G network end-to-end.

This is the world’s first integrated test using Huawei MH5000 module equipment, and the world’s first industry pre-commercial product that supports NSA / SA dual-mode modules, which marks another step forward in the 5G industry application commercial process.

In the future “5G + 4K Backpack” live broadcast mode, except for the encoder and battery, the hardware equipment in the backpack will not see the CPE or mobile phone.┬áThe backpack will become lighter and lighter, and the battery life will be further enhanced.

It is reported that this 4K live encoder with an integrated NSA / SA dual-mode 5G module has two built-in Huawei MH5000 modules. It uses the dynamic traffic distribution mode to upload a 4K video stream at 40Mbps to the cloud with the help of a 5G network.

Zhao Qiyong, director of Huawei X Labs, said: 5G commercial versions of industry applications are integrated with 5G modules, optimized for wide-area wireless business mechanisms, and SLA monitoring is built in natively. These three core elements are features; “5G + 4K new backpack” is a typical case.

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