Huawei 2020 Cloud & AI organization structure

Huawei is all set to bring a bunch of new products this year and looking for the same the company has now carried out a new round of adjustments to its organizational structure, among which Cloud & AI rose to Huawei’s fourth-largest BG.

Huawei’s internal report says Hou Jinlong is the president of Cloud & AI BG, Peng Zhongyang is the president of enterprise BG, and former company BG president Yan Li is transferred to the president of the B-level national management department. In addition, Wu Weitao was appointed as Deputy Chief Minister of the Company, and Liu Hongyun was added as President of Southeast Asia.

This adjustment means that Cloud & AI has become Huawei’s fourth largest BG. Previously, “Cloud & AI products and services” and “smart car solutions” belonged to the BU department in Huawei’s organizational structure, but the level was tied with BG and belonged to Huawei’s first-level department.


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