Huawei launched EMUI 12: Check Top 9 Features

Huawei has silently introduced its next EMUI version – EMUI 12. HarmonyOS is a big part of the company for more than a year now.  Huawei’s EMUI 12 is now official and it comes with a refreshed user interface and with new features. Here are the new features and changes that EMUI 12 brings:

EMUI 12 Features:

Minimalist, and Realistic User Interface:

Huawei brings a minimalist and realistic interface in the EMUI 12. “The innovative interface design brings the digital world to life”. The interface makes use of three major colors – white, black, and blue – for a clean look.

EMUI 12 Minimalist and Realistic User Interface
(EMUI 12 – Minimalist and Realistic User Interface)

Feel Motion in a Natural Way:

Utilising realistic gravity and magnet motion design, which mimics how celestial objects move in the universe, every interaction feels and looks much smoother and more vibrant, just the way it should.

EMUI 12 Motion - Animation

Font Customization (Stepless Weight):

EMUI 12 will allow users to adjust not only the size of the font but also its weight just with a slider. This way you can choose the most comfortable viewing experience.

EMUI 12 Font Customization

Easy Control Panel:

Huawei on its every new EMUI version made a great enhancement with its core features. With the new version of EMUI 12, users will be able to easily access a control panel from wherever screen they may be on by simple swipe. Swipe to open the Control Panel and get quick access to audio playback, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings without leaving your current screen

EMUI 12 Control Panel - Device+

Device+ (Smart Collaboration):

Device+ is an EMUI 12 feature that allow users to make an easy collaboration between Huawei devices. Tapping the MatePad icon gives you a multi-screen collaboration with the Matepad. Users will be able to make calls, send messages, and view the photos from their phone on the screen of the tablet.

Tapping the MateBook icon allows for editing of your phone files on your PC while tapping the Huawei Vision icon allows you to enjoy videos from your phone on the big screen. Tapping the headset icon will switch audio playback from the MatePad or Huawei Vision to the connected earbuds.

Tap the Vision icon to set HUAWEI Vision as the display for your phone, and enjoy watching video on the big screen.

Tap the Headset icon again to listen to the sound of video with Freebuds, so you can enjoy content without disturbing others.

EMUI 12 Device Plus

Easier File Finding Way:

With the new Distributed File System, you can get instant access to your phone documents or photos as easy as to access another disk drive in your laptop. Open, view and enjoy, all without a single cable.

EMUI 12 Easier File Finding Way

MeeTime (Stay Connected):

MeeTime is Huawei’s video calling app that was announced as one of the features of EMUI 10.1 in March of 2020. The new version of the app allows users to seamlessly shift calls to the Huawei Vision and back to their phone.

EMUI 12 MeeTime

Fast and Long-Term Performance:

Huawei claims EMUI 12 is fast as web pages and apps load as you scroll. It also promises that even after long-term use, response time and application startups will be smooth as always.

Input password to unlock your phone from the laptop when using Multi-screen Collaboration. . Set your watch as a trusted device of your phone for extra protection. Only when they are connected can you unlock the phone via Face Unlock.



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