Huawei filed two trademarks MateDisplay and MateScreen in Europe

According to LetsGoDigital, Huawei filed two trademarks with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) on August 13, 2020. These are the names ‘MateDisplay’ and ‘MateScreen’. Both applications are categorized as Class 9, with the following description.

Huawei MateDisplay / Huawei MateScreen trademark description: computers; laptops; tablets; mobile phones; smart phones; smart watches; liquid crystal display; flat panel display; LED display; OLED display panel; computer display; television display; head-mounted video display; wearable video display.

As per the trademark name, MateDisplay / MateScreen maybe used in the folding phone. Huawei clearly seems to intend to further strengthen its popular Mate range. For example, the Chinese manufacturer also seems to want to release earplugs within this high-end series, in the form of MateBuds and / or MatePods. The company also seems to be working on a new MateStation docking station.

MateDisplay MateScreen


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