Huawei HarmonyOS September 2022 security patch details released

Huawei has recently launched the HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system for smartphones. The latest HMOS 3 is rolling out in a beta form for select devices. Meanwhile, Huawei has released the latest September 2022 security patch details for HarmonyOS.

The latest September 2022 HarmonyOS security patch details include fixes for 4 CVEs in the framework, 17 CVEs in the kernel, 6 CVEs in the system, 2 CVEs in the Application, and 21 CVEs in the third-party libraries. This bulletin contains details about the security vulnerabilities that have been fixed by security patch 2022-09-01.

Huawei HarmonyOS September 2022 security patch details


CVE-2022-39008 – Severity High
CVE-2021-40024 – Severity Medium
CVE-2021-46836- Severity Medium
CVE-2022-39000- Severity Medium


CVE-2022-38990 – Severity Critical
CVE-2022-38993 – Severity Critical
CVE-2022-39006 – Severity Critical
CVE-2022-38987 – Severity Critical
CVE-2022-39004 – Severity High
CVE-2022-39005 – Severity High
CVE-2022-38988 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38989 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38978 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38979 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38991 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38992 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38994 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38995 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38996 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38997 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-38999 – Severity Medium


CVE-2021-40017 – Severity Critical
CVE-2021-40040 – Severity Critical
CVE-2022-39007 – Severity High
CVE-2022-39001 – Severity High
CVE-2022-39009 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-39010 – Severity Medium


CVE-2021-40053 – Severity Medium
CVE-2022-37006 – Severity Medium

Huawei HarmonyOS September 2022 security details

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