Huawei helping global telecoms to accelerate digital transformation

Huawei Technologies Co is tryna contribute to global telecoms carriers accelerating their digital transformation with cutting-edge technologies. You Jiangtao, vice-president of global technical service at Huawei has been convinced regarding the several eras of enhancement and foundation of the intelligent world.

“ICT infrastructure has become the foundation of the intelligent world and that being green, efficient, secure, and intelligent are key requirements to deliver the ultimate experience and support open innovation.”  You Jiangtao shared knowledgeable words.

Huawei helping global telecoms to accelerate digital transformation

Prior to 2022, by the German mobile network testing company Umlaut, all 15 of Huawei’s target networks ranked No 1 in benchmarking. Regarding this, the vice president remarked on innovations in network simulation, planning, and optimization for high-performance networks. In his opinion, many telecom operators’ new digital services are key to business growth. Whereas, Huawei’s FinTech 2.0 solution provides inclusive financial services for emerging markets and now serves more than 30 telecom operators and 400 million users worldwide.

“Safaricom, a telecom operator in Kenya, for instance, has adopted our Finech solutions to offer payment services. It has done a very good job, and its market share in Kenya’s mobile payment market is even higher than WeChat Pay and Alipay in China,” You added.

Huawei causes rising resources to build a sound ecosystem for digital transformation. Also, the second are partners for whom Huawei is developing enterprise-oriented business applications. In regard to which You stated…

“We do have the plan to step up investment in ecosystem building. We broadly have two types of partners. The first are partners that have been with us for decades to serve telecom carriers.” 

You added “We aim to be integrated by others. We offer components or products and then our enterprise partners integrate and deliver them to end users. We are working on attracting more partners to join us.”

The company appears to recognize the obligation to continually develop the talent and capability of staff. Thereafter to cover both digital leadership and certification in broad ICT skills Huawei’s Learning Service provides comprehensive talent development. Last year in 2022, Huawei provided training to 160,000 ICT talents worldwide, and over 100,000 engineers are certified by Huawei every year.

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